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Posted in Tattooing on Aug 09, 2021

Crystal Ship Kelly unveiled her new tattoo of a ram's head before it was soon noticed that depending on how high up her jeans are pulled, the horns can look women's legs

Image: crystalshipkelly/TIKTOK)

A TikTok star was impressed with the artistic detail of her new tattoo but was then shocked as it was pointed out on social media that there is an extremely rude design fault.

Crystal Ship Kelly, who has over 200,000 followers, decided to have a ram skull inked onto her midriff that went right down to her bikini line.

She took to social media to show it off and very soon people were laughing at the design that could be seen to depict something very different.

It was pointed out to her that the rams horns could easily be seen as a pair of women's legs spread wide.

Crystals video has certainly proved popular with over 189,000 people viewing it but not exactly for the reason she anticipated.


To begin with she said how she didnt get what people were laughing at, until it dawned on her.

She pulled down her jeans and said : I dont get it. You can tell that its a skull, no?

The user replies: "Obviously he meant that the tattoo looks like legs and the belly button is where the *cat emoji* would be."

But as she pulled her trousers up so that part of the skull was removed and the horns looked like legs she realised how it now looked like a female groin.

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She said: For f*** sake. I can see it.

Crystal then labelled the video: I mean they would be some ugly a** legs but I see it thanks for that.

It has been a cause for jokes while more than 6,000 people have liked the clip.

One person wrote: Once you see it you cant un-see it.

Another put it: Wait. So its a granny in stockings? Or a goats skull?

A further person joked: Only wearing low-rise jeans from now on!

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TikTok star shows off new tattoo before its very rude design fault is pointed out - The Mirror

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