Utah Tattoo Artist Created Such a Perfect Optical Illusion it Will Blow Your Mind! – News18

Posted in Tattooing on Oct 18, 2020

The tattoo has gone viral on social media with people wondering about the artist's talent. (Credit: instagaram)

Tattoo enthusiasts usually expect a 2D image or text, when they decide to get one made on their body. People at large too have the same perception of tattoos. However, a tattoo artist has shattered the perception and has left netizens mind blown with his ideas.

In a photo that is going viral on social media,a tattoo artist has pulled off an optical illusion trick. Tattoo artist Matt Pehrson of Zion Tattoo Company in Utah in his latest project created something which is being termed as "insane optical illusion.

As can be seen in the viral photo, Matt has made thick lines on his client Ryans bald head. The tattoo artist has created lines in a way that they a diverting inwards to the back of his skull. One has to give credit to the artist for using some exemplary shading skills for making it look like that it is a huge gaping hole.

The photo was originally shared by the artist himself on Instagram. Both monochrome and coloured versions of the tattoo have been shared. Captioning the post, he wrote, Did a crazy thing on my friend Ryan today...We have a lot left to finish on his dome. What do you all think of a piece like this?

He has himself revealed that the tattoo design is not complete as yet and there is a lot of work that needs to go in the making before the final product. The photo is question was posted in April, and till October 16, there is no photo or update about this design at least on his Instagram profile.

As expected, the comments section of the post is filled with people either commenting upon the artists skills or the tattoo in its entirety. A person said, Woa!! Dude, you have a hole in your head! Another one wrote, you are blowing up brother."

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Utah Tattoo Artist Created Such a Perfect Optical Illusion it Will Blow Your Mind! - News18

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