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Posted in Tattooing on Nov 02, 2021

A seismic shift has rocked the world: Facebook changed its name to Meta. Were truly blessed to live in such historical times.

While Facebooks identity and branding switcheroo will get headlines (especially as its a way to avoid itsheap of problems), this is obscuring the real human story.

Yes, Im talking about the thousands upon thousands of people who now have a tattoo of Metas logo.

After spending probably more than Ill ever make in my lifetime on rebranding, Facebook Meta ended up with a logo shaped like the infinity symbol that also kinda looks like an M? Mind. Blown.

Unfortunately, on top of being lazy design, the infinity symbol sits alongside feathers, swallows, and cursive text as the most popular (and clichd) tattoos.

So I had a question: how do people feel about having Metas logo inked on them?

To be honest, this piece started out as a condescending article about time to invest in tattoo removals (written a dude whos got a tattoo of a book because he reads books, wow).

But as I spoke to people who actually had the tattoo, it became apparent they didnt give two shits if others felt the infinity symbol was clich they all had deeply personal stories to share about what it meant to them.

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For example, Susan* who lives in Australia and her partner have matching infinity tattoos representing loving each other to infinity and beyond. While Gabriella, a PR manager, got it to represent lost loved ones.

Steven on the other hand, who works as a developer, got it to signal his commitment to turning his life around.

Cecilia, who used to work at a busy PR firm, is another interesting example. She got her tattoo on a trip to Central America after suffering burnout in her late 20s, the infinity symbol was supposed to represent eternal freedom.

While she recognizes the circumstances of getting the ink was clich a glamorous job in a cut-throat sector, followed by recovery on a sunny beach shes never regretted getting it.

I love my mini tattoo, she told me. Its part of her personal story, whether people make jokes about it or not.

My colleagues already tease me because another company logo in our field uses the infinity symbol, Cecilia wrote. But this doesnt bother her. She knows the infinity symbol is commonly used, but its attaching personal stories to the image that make it truly special.

And others agree.

Everyone I spoke to thought Metas logo was so uninspiring that it didnt impact the meaning of their tattoos. To me, it looks like ancient eyeglasses, Gabriella said. It doesnt change her perception of her ink one bit.

So after all my interviews, its pretty easy to sum up the average infinity-tattooed persons opinions on the new Meta logo.

They dont give a shit.

*Names were changed in the article to respect privacy.

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What do people with 'infinity' tattoos think of Meta's logo? - The Next Web

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